Lebanese Independence Day

Lebanon, has been ruled by a different groups of people. The Ottoman Empire ruled Lebanon until around 1916, then after that France ruled Lebanon until 1943. On November 22nd of 1943 Lebanon had won its complete independence (History of Lebanon, n.d.).

With all the issues that have happened and are still happening in Lebanon, there are between 15 million and 20 million Lebanese people outside of Lebanon compared to the 4.3 million that still live in Lebanon. “Some 7m Lebanese and their descendants now live in Brazil, 3m in the United States and at least 250,000 in west Africa (A Tale of Two Traders, 2013).”

In the small country of Qatar, where I live, there are over 25,000 Lebanese citizens. Not including Lebanese with different passports (Snoj, 2013) .

With our Independence day being in two days, the Lebanese embassy in Qatar has organized a big party for the Lebanese people to be held tonight, the 20th of November, at La Cigal Hotel. There will be performances by the famous and well-known Wael Kfoury, who is a singer, song-writer and musician, and the singing performance Heba Mounzer (Who I have never heard of). Also, (the most exciting part for me), there will be a guest appearance by Georges Khabbaz, a play-writer, and actor.

Wael Kfoury, released his first album in 1994, and since then has released 14 others, with his latest one being released this month.


Some of my favorite songs for Wael are:

Ya Dally Ya Rou7

Meshta’ Kteer

Shou Mbakiki

Georges Khabbaz, made his first debut in 1991. Since then he has been a part of various tv shows, movies, and theater plays. He has won many awards throughout the years for best actor, best sitcom, best theatrical play and best polyvalent. Georges has a lot of songs, and plays about Lebanon, and the wars that happened. His words become engraved in every Lebanese persons heart from how strong and beautiful they are.

شباب / / الممثل جورج خباز ( علي علوش)

Some of my favorite writings and speeches from Georges are:

Fi Wa’et

Kibritt El Bannout

Rfi’i El Chahid

I’m super excited for tonight, I’m sure it will be a fabulous evening! Hopefully, I will get to meet both men and take pictures with them!


Song of the month for me

I heard this song on the radio and ever since I cannot stop listening to it. Ed Sheeran sings Thinking Out Loud incredibly!! The words are amazing, and when I am alone I sing along at the top of my lungs. So much emotion in it, it’s my new obsession. It’s one of those love songs that are very catchy, and not too mushy or cheesy.

Need a new song to check out : Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

Let me know what you think! 🙂