November 30

Seriously, where has this year gone?
It seems like the older I grew, the faster the days go by. Tomorrow is the first day of December, my faviorte month!
So much planning and shopping to do. Thankfully because Qatar’s independance day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day lie on a Thursday, I get a longer weekend so more time do get things done! (Weekends in Qatar are Friday and Saturday).

May this last month of 2014 be a blessing on to all!


Lebanese Independence Day

Lebanon, has been ruled by a different groups of people. The Ottoman Empire ruled Lebanon until around 1916, then after that France ruled Lebanon until 1943. On November 22nd of 1943 Lebanon had won its complete independence (History of Lebanon, n.d.).

With all the issues that have happened and are still happening in Lebanon, there are between 15 million and 20 million Lebanese people outside of Lebanon compared to the 4.3 million that still live in Lebanon. “Some 7m Lebanese and their descendants now live in Brazil, 3m in the United States and at least 250,000 in west Africa (A Tale of Two Traders, 2013).”

In the small country of Qatar, where I live, there are over 25,000 Lebanese citizens. Not including Lebanese with different passports (Snoj, 2013) .

With our Independence day being in two days, the Lebanese embassy in Qatar has organized a big party for the Lebanese people to be held tonight, the 20th of November, at La Cigal Hotel. There will be performances by the famous and well-known Wael Kfoury, who is a singer, song-writer and musician, and the singing performance Heba Mounzer (Who I have never heard of). Also, (the most exciting part for me), there will be a guest appearance by Georges Khabbaz, a play-writer, and actor.

Wael Kfoury, released his first album in 1994, and since then has released 14 others, with his latest one being released this month.


Some of my favorite songs for Wael are:

Ya Dally Ya Rou7

Meshta’ Kteer

Shou Mbakiki

Georges Khabbaz, made his first debut in 1991. Since then he has been a part of various tv shows, movies, and theater plays. He has won many awards throughout the years for best actor, best sitcom, best theatrical play and best polyvalent. Georges has a lot of songs, and plays about Lebanon, and the wars that happened. His words become engraved in every Lebanese persons heart from how strong and beautiful they are.

شباب / / الممثل جورج خباز ( علي علوش)

Some of my favorite writings and speeches from Georges are:

Fi Wa’et

Kibritt El Bannout

Rfi’i El Chahid

I’m super excited for tonight, I’m sure it will be a fabulous evening! Hopefully, I will get to meet both men and take pictures with them!

I’m a tour guide!

I met a guy at work, that has been in Qatar for a while, but never really got to see the country from a non-touristic view. He’s been to the tourist attractions of course, walking down the Cornish, having shisha at the souq, riding a buggy at sealine, taking a boat ride at the pearl, and roaming most of the malls, (which is pretty much all you can do here). But he has never really seen Qatar from a residents eyes.

I told him things would change now, I promised to show him around. Show him what people usually do here, show him the places locals and residence usually go to.

Going to tourist attractions in countries is nice, but I don’t believe you have seen a country or understood it’s people or traditions until you have been all around. He hasn’t seen the small streets or the cozy little cafes. He hasn’t seen the skyline from the perfect spot. He hasn’t tasted the traditional food, heard traditional music, or seen a traditional dance.

In this multicultural peninsula there’s so much to learn, not just about locals but about the different nationalities and cultures that make Qatar what it is.

I made a list of things to do, and day after day we will cross them out. From the little shisha bars, to having karak at the park. From walking around Katara and looking at the art. From playing at the bowling alleys and just spending the night at the movies, there’s actually a lot to do in this little country.

Other then the sites to see, and places to go, learning about the people, culture and traditions is a must here. It’s very different from most of the world, it has its unique way of going about life.

Every day I teach him a few new Arabic words, and we discuss the customs of Qatar. He was very curious about the people down here. Why they dress the way that they do, why they act in certain ways, and why so many rules are put in place.

So I made it my mission to be his tour guide and knowledge center, and it’s so much fun! I’m learning about Qatar all over again.


Little girl, five years old,
Ran home, ready to throw herself in her daddy’s arms.

Walking up the stairs, and through the door,
She saw her siblings, barely holding on.

Tears in their eyes, trying not to break down,
Trying to stay strong, for the youngest child

Smart girl she was,
She knew what was wrong,
Daddy would no longer be coming home.

Aware of the world at a very young age,
She understood he was killed,
God took him away.

She ran through the house,
Looking for mom,
But mom was nowhere to be found.

Weak women, she was,
Always had bad thoughts.
Too distort to cope,
She took her own life.

So the little girl sat down on the floor,
Wrapped in the love of her siblings arms.
With the house dogs around them,
And the silence of loss,
These little kids,
Lost hope in God.

What if. . .?

What if you could see people’s feelings through their eyes?
What if you could see the pieces of their broken heart?

Would you walk away?
Stay clear of the mess?

Or would you lend a helping hand?
Would you try to help them mend?

What if you could see people’s feelings through their eyes?
What if you could see the scars from their battered heart?

Would you turn around?
Would you go a separate way?

Or would you help them heal?
Would you hold them close all day?

What if you could see people’s feelings through their eyes?
What if you could see all the tears they cried?

Would you leave them astray?
Let them go their way?

Or would you wipe those tears with the palm of your hand?
Would you help them swim out of the puddle they are drowning in?

What if?
What if. . .?

Today is the day

Today is the day I let you go.
I’ve thought about it for days,
Weighed down my options,
And this is the path I want to take.

No more waiting for calls,
No more waiting for texts.

No more checking whether you’ve been active today.

I’m letting you go,
Setting you free,
Because I am so much better,
Without you here.

It wasn’t a hard decision,
After you proved to me,
That you are not worth,
A single part of me.

Not my time,
Nor my words.
Not my smile,
Nor my tears.

Today is the day I let you go,
Today is the day I free myself from you.

From your pain,
From your hurt,
From you,
You inconsiderate jerk.

I never thought I would be happy this way,
But God brought back my smile today.
I saw that light,
From just those few words you said,
That made me see you’re not worth the wait.

This is my goodbye,
My closure you can say,
Because I am officially walking away.

Those Eyes

There’s a saying that goes around,
When someone gets mesmerised in eyes,
“I can get lost in your eyes”,
They say,
But honestly I never felt that way.

Until that morning I started work,
I sat there and froze,
I felt out in space.
All because your eyes looked my way.

There is not a color to describe those beauties.
Not in any language, book, or any movie.
The way their shade changes,
Depending on your mood,
Got my heart skipping,
for you.

Until this day,
Whenever you’re around,
I stop for a moment,
And lose myself in the crowd.

A word should be created for your eyes,
A whole langue should be created,
To describe their beauty.