As we grow up we learn various lessons. Lessons about life, love, family and friends. Lessons about hurt, pain and death. Some lessons we learn just by observing and soaking up our daily lives, while others we learn after hitting rock bottom. A lesson, I believe, that needs to be accepted and not stopped is, change.

Change surrounds us, we breath it in every second of every day. Change is the only thing that any one should be certain of in their complicated, and uncertain life. Whether we like it or not change will mingle with our days and mix with plans. Many people look at change as a destructive force, however, when known how to handle it, change tends to be the light at the end of a tunnel, or the push someone has been waiting for.

People must learn to just let change take over. keep your hands on the wheel just direct yourself to the current of change. It may mean needing to alter goals, or certain ways in life, but the faster change is accepted and understood the easier moving on will be.

My life became clearer and less of a jigsaw puzzle when I understood that nothing lasts, and nothing stays the same.


Never complete

As you dose off into sleep,
The last moment you relive will be with me.

My words will trace your mind,
And my voice will be your worst lullaby.

The way you thought you tore me down,
Will burn your flesh on the inside.

Because of all you conjured up,
Your knees will tremble,
Your  heart will hurt.

My memories will hunt,
And torment your soul.

The way you thought you broke me,
You will forever regret.

Because darling,
you unleashed,
your antagonist.

So remember this,
straight and clear,
For the next time you try to deceive.

You could never break A person who was never whole.

Blazing Soul

The immortal part of me,
My soul,
It is a fire.

It is a fire that feeds off of your ways.
It feeds off of your voice and your words,
Your gaze and your eyes,
Your lips, and your touch.

My fire roars at the sight of you.
You start the spark that ignites my soul,
Lighting the insides of me with a blazing fire.

Because of you,
The fire inside of me cannot be tamed,
It runs wild and uncontrollable,
At the mere sight of you.